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I'm Jane Mackey, founder of Jane Lane, and an unapologetic dessertie. I inherited my sweet tooth from my mother, and one of my daughters inherited it from me. Soon we became the default bringers of dessert for every occasion. Not just any sweet treat, but ones with full-bodied flavor. Have you ever tried a confection that claims to be lemon or coconut or anything besides vanilla or chocolate, only to need a tastebud magnifying glass to find the slightest hint of flavor? When I want a dessert that's worthy of my craving, that I can be proud to share, I want pure flavor in each bite. And I think all desserties deserve this. Which is why I started Jane Lane...to craft the purest, simplest, most flavorful dessert baking mixes for every inspired baker. 

Our mission is to flavor your world of confections. We are proud to design and manufacture our products in California, using flour that is California grown and milled. We source the purest ingredients for you because we know that you can taste the difference. We choose to create mixes instead of fully prepared tortes because you deserve that amazing bakery smell...wafting out from the kitchen...any day you please.


Confections lover, intrepid traveler, zoophilist, avid reader, pickle ball enthusiast, outdoorswoman

Jane Mackey Founder

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